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Extra Credit Spring 2019

posted Jan 11, 2019, 7:43 AM by Mr Lundberg   [ updated May 21, 2019, 1:32 PM ]
There are 4 extra credit options for this semester. You may only complete one per six-weeks, and you may do each option only once. The work must not overlap in any way with any other class assignment (except, perhaps, DOLs). Each is worth up to 10 bonus points on your lowest category average.
  • Option 1: Character Study
    Choose 10 direct references to the character(s) in the novel we are reading. For each quote (with page number!), describe what it tells us about that character and explain its significance for the text as a whole. Your product should include visuals.
  • Option 2: Close Reading
    Choose an extended passage (6-10 pages) from the novel we are reading and mark it for SCASI (written on post-its or directly on a photocopy). You must have at least 3 of each and 20 annotations total.
  • Option 3: Literary Analysis Project
    This is like a literary analysis essay, but not an essay. Create a visual representation of a thesis of your choosing, including supporting points and text evidence. In other words: present a literary analysis outline in a visually significant way.
  • Option 4: Choose-Your-Own
    Using the Extra Credit Proposal Form, propose the assignment, how it should be graded, and how it would deepen your understanding of the novel we are reading. Mr. Lundberg can refuse any proposal on any grounds. He can also modify it and/or open it up to all students. If approved, the project should be completed according to your guidelines.