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About Mr. Lundberg:

Mr. Lundberg
Mr. Lundberg teaches IB English Literature (Higher Level) and
IB Psychology (Standard and Higher Levels), coordinates the IB Extended Essay, and co-sponsors the National Honor Society chapter at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas ISD. He studied English (B.A.) and Psychology (B.S.) at Duke University, Secondary English/ Language Arts (M.A.T.) at the University of Southern California, and does not plan to stop his education any time soon. Three of his essays have been published in monographs through the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, where he is also a member of the Cowan Center for Education's 
Teachers Alumni Advisory Board.

Mr. Lundberg believes that in order to respond to the ongoing revolution in education, we must teach a more unified, wider-focused, dialogue/inquiry-based curriculum enriched by the Humanities. He is a child of Nebraska who enjoys the arts and culture of the Big D. His hobbies include rollerblading, hiking, running, playing board/card games with friends, watching good movies, and (unsurprisingly) reading. Mr. Lundberg is currently in his seventh year of teaching. And he will now stop writing in the third person.